Suck it up, Buttercup!

Howdy, Pardners….

Since the election, I’ve seen and heard that phrase… “Suck it up, Buttercup”… just a few too many times.  In the beginning, it was understandably a bit of gleeful touchdown celebration by Trump supporters.  I got that, and I had to sometimes admit to myself that the whining by Hillary supporters was gently bordering on sour grapes.  Yeah, I got that.

But now it’s being applied to anyone who has any criticism of Donald Trump.  It’s a blanket pejorative heaped upon all non-believers.  As if, because he won the election, Trump can do no wrong.  It infers that all criticism in nothing more than sour grapes whining.

That’s a mistake.


Since the election, I’ve seen a number of progressive/liberals trying to understand what it is that has Trump supporters so irritated.  To do that, they’ve put aside their rationalism, education, and secularism in order to get down in the trenches and have discussions with their foes.  It is as if they were somewhat ashamed of being rational, educated, and secular.  What they are quickly discovering is that Trump has nothing to do with it.  These people would have voted for Bozo the Clown if it meant “Anyone but Hillary!”  The election was a classic example of American anti-intellectualism.  It’s not new.  What is new is that the person of Donald Trump gave these anger-filled people permission to express their resentment in the vilest and rudest terms possible. The progressive/liberals are still trying to engage with those who do not want to engage.  They just want their vile and rude behaviors to be normalized.

And by the way…  I think that Bozo would probably do a pretty good job… if he attended his briefing and stayed off of Twitter.


We sat listening to a group of folks sitting around a table at the coffee shop.  If not for their radicalized Christianity and Republicanism, they’d probably be pretty decent folks.  It is not an unusual occurrence in these parts, and they spend most of their time validating their shared delusions and ignorance.

Sorry, I just had to say that.

This particular group was discussing how Trump had brought back a thousand jobs from Mexico.  They all nodded in agreement that Trump was doing what he said he was going to do.  It didn’t seem to matter that Trump had done no such thing.  The Governor of Indiana, Mike Pence, paid United Technologies (the parent company of Carrier) $7million of taxpayer money to not lay-off an unknown number of employees for an unknown amount of time (the best guess right now is about 350-400 white-collar workers).  Hell, even Sarah Palin screamed “Crony Capitalism!”

The conversation got under my skin, because publically available information about this deal has been heavily written about and reported.  There are no big secrets here, and no one is crying about a mainstream media conspiracy.  It just is what it is… a matter of fact.  You’d have to be an illiterate moron to not understand this reality, but these folks weren’t illiterate morons… They were members of that once-marginalized group of Americans that I lovingly refer to as the Arrogantly Ignorant.  They’re not just intellectually lazy… they’re violently proud of being intellectually lazy.

And it’s time that we send these ridiculous people back under the rocks that they’ve been hiding under for all these years.  It’s time that we stop normalizing their ignorance, bigotry, violence, rudeness, and hatred.

Not for a minute do I deny them the right to express themselves.  They have the same rights that I do.

But we do not have to listen to their silliness, nor are we obliged to engage with them in their delusions, paranoiacs, or conspiracy theories.  We can just laugh and consign them back to the fringes… where they belong.

And soon enough, they’ll learn that they might have to change their behaviors in civilized society.  They will have to learn about self-control.  And if they can’t?  Well, we say… suck it up, Buttercups.

Have a day.


primum vivere, deinde philosophari.