Life is Meaningless

Howdy, Pardners…

I mean, I don’t want to harsh your mellow here, but… life is meaningless.  In the big picture, your life has no more meaning that that of an ant, a rabbit, or a grizzly bear.  We’re born, we procreate, and then we die.  It is the way of the universe.  Kind of a buzzkill, right?

It doesn’t mean that you have nothing meaningful in your life… it just means that there are no mystical or magical (or Universal) beings or forces that watch over you and determine your fate.  Nothing is Written.  Life is what we make it, and then we die.

Which is sad.  Humans are, as far as I know, the only self-aware animals on the planet.  We know that we exist, and we know that we’re going to die (nobody gets out alive).  The odds of billions of atoms coming together to make you is astounding, and the odds of that happening again borders on statistically impossible.  This is one of the reasons that I’ve become a pacifist in my old age: I just can’t see taking this amazing experience away from someone else.  And suicide (especially young people committing suicide) really pisses me off.

Some people find these kinds of ideas frightening.  The thought that their personal self-awareness is the result some sort of biological bingo game is bad enough, but the thought of that personal uniqueness and specialness coming to an abrupt and final end is just too much to take.  It is the breeding ground for existential angst, and a lot of folks don’t have the skills to successfully understand and navigate that angst.  “You mean the whole thing is pointless?”

I get that.  Been there, done that, got the tee-shirt.

But try to see it in a different way… A lack of meaning gives us freedom.  When that epiphany hits you squarely between the eyes, the way you see life changes in a most fundamental way.  You no longer have to answer to some unseen force (or those who would claim to speak for that unseen force).  You need only to answer to yourself.  You are free to do whatever you wish, and you need no permission from the priestly classes (whether they be overtly religious or secular pseudo-sciences religious).

Where is the soul located?  Right next to the subconscious.  They have x-rays to prove it, right?

So what do you do with this newfound freedom?  Do everything you can to be happy and comfortable.  Be nice to other entities like yourself.  If you do, they will probably be nice to you, which will only enhance your happiness and comfort.

Most people really don’t want much more than a bit of happiness and comfort.  It is a value system that only gets fucked-up when the greedy get involved.  These are people who can only be happy and comfortable when they can assure themselves that they are happier and more comfortable than everyone else… at the cost of the happiness and comfort of everyone else.  Donald Trump and his ilk leap to the front of my mind as perfect examples of this.

Damn!  Accepted Meaningless is fairly tinged with socialism, isn’t it?  I’d never thought about that before.

So, yes, life is meaningless.  Try to see that as an opportunity to be really happy and really comfortable.  See it as Freedom.

Or you can sit in guilt and shame, and cover yourself with sackcloth and ashes.  Your choice.

Have a day.


primum vivere, deinde philosophari.



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